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Gender Gap Payment Statement

At Multiply, we strive our utmost to be a diverse and inclusive agency and remain focused on encouraging a workplace and culture where all can thrive. As part of our management approach, Multiply continues to develop and improve the company-wide grading system that indexes salaries and salary increases, fairly and consistently across the business based purely on relevant skills and level of responsibility.To help encourage equality, business case reviews are now completed by an independent panel based on the detailed business case information which excludes names and gender information, enabling the panel to decide based on the key outputs and achievements rather than any gender or diversity bias.
As an organisation committed to fair pay irrespective of gender, Multiply will continue to build on actions and initiatives to reduce the gender pay gap, these include:

Assistance in returning women to work following a career break
Offering flexible working patterns which can be adjusted to help with childcare and shared parental leave
Tailored courses and materials dedicated to women in the workplace.

Attracting new talent has always been a focus for Multiply, and we are an Equal Opportunity Employer.Ensuring that gender equality and increasing the representation of women at higher levels in the organisation is part of our strategic diversity and inclusion plans.

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